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We Help People Achieve Beauty Through Our
Expertise In Permanent Makeup & Paramedical Pigmentation.

Our Services


Permanent Makeup

Permanent Foundation, Eyeliner, Eyebrow, Lip Liner, and full lip's colorizing.



Eyebrows shaping with the newest techniques.


Scar Camouflage

Matching skin color after burns, accident, injuries, surgeries, vitiligo, and hypopigmentation beauty mark.


Fibroblast - Plasma Pen

Skin Tightening, Non surgical eye lifts,
Tummy & Neck Tightening, Decreasing wrinkles & sagging, Scars rejuvenating


BBGlow & Micreneedling

Rejavenating skin with boosting collagen stimulates hair growth as well.


Scar Removal

Removing different kind of scars with different techniques.


Tattoo Removal

Removing the tattoos with two procedures, Camouflage or Laser tattoo removal


Areola Reconstruction

Repigmentation for breast cancer survivors with areola discoloration problem.


Stretch Mark

Stretch marks removal with different techniques.


Tag Removal

Get rid of your tags with the plasma pen machine


Scalp Micropigmentation

A medical, non-surgical, cosmetie pigmentation on a bald head and adds density to a hair line.

Online & Physical Training Courses

Get your diploma and start your business!
Save over 10% if you register for multiple courses!

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  • Location 1 : 1357 E. Los Angeles Ave, Simi Valley, CA 93065
  • Location 2 : West Hills, Los Angeles, CA 91304
  • +1 (818) 510 1408 
  • +1 (424) 431 6623 
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Some of the reviews from our YELP page

I struggled with dark circles and sags under my eyes for many years.I was introduced to alibi friend I saw her work and I was amazingly impressed..Weeks later I had a consultation and she took care of my dark circles also did Michael blading on my eyebrows and they look sensational..I would highly recommend her to anyone she doesn't outstanding job very neat and clean and extremely professional..Thank you for my new browse and I've got my confidence back because I no longer have the dark Circles..

I have achieved great results with the permanent foundation procedure. After a few sessions I see some of my discoloration reduced and some have spots have disappeared completely. I’ve also tried the microneedling and this has also helped to reduce the hyperpigmentation in my Skin.

I just wanted to say thank you and express how privileged I am to have been trained by Eliot beauty thank you for your continuing support and advice - even though I'm now finished my courses! I am confident in my skills and ability to advance in my work because you have trained me so well.
I had a great experience with Eli, she is nice, caring and respectful
I would definitely recommend Eliot Beauty if you are looking for beauty
training course or if you are wanting treatment done.


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